Download Danny Brown's <em>Bruiser Brigade</em> EP

The eccentric Detroit rapper teams up with his cousin Dopehead and producer Skywlkr for a pair of new songs.

Released by Scion A/V, the Bruiser Brigade EP precedes a forthcoming LP from the crew. Brown’s Bruiser Brigade also includes the currently jailed rapper Chip$, who does not appear on the EP.

Along with the previously released ‘Errthang’, the EP includes ‘Jooky’, a self-aggrandizing track fueled by particularly cacophonous violin work. Ryan Hemsworth remixes ‘Errthing’, discarding Skywlkr’s trap aggression for morose piano and vibrating ambience, while LOCKAH rounds out the set with a funhouse remix of ‘Jooky’.

Unfortunately, the tracks are censored, which is grating on a release from rappers that are so casually and confidently obscene. Stream and download the Bruiser Brigade EP below.




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