Lil B producer Merkabah 13 streams his gossamer-thin <em>90 Percent Of 13</em> LP

Whatever you think of composer-cum-lecturer-cum-soft rocker-cum-workaholic Lil B, he’s certainly given a number of promising producers a much-needed leg up. 

Since entering into the rapper’s patronage, Keyboard Kid 206 has steadily made a niche for himself as one of alternative hip-hop’s most unpredictable producers, and that Clams Casino lad hasn’t exactly done badly for himself either. Producer Merkabah 13, responsible for the squiggly ambient cut ‘Flowers Rise’ from the God’s Father Tape, managed to coax out one of the rapper’s most mature performances, and could well be the next BasedGod disciple to find his name on the ascent.

Merkabah 13 specialises in brittle beats and oneiric sketches, not enormously removed from Fatima Al Qadiri (or, at a push, the more melodic end of Natalie Beridze’s work as Tba). Hosted over at The Fader, new album 90 Percent Of 13 outlines his his flower-festooned stall, and features samples of Sun Ra and Norah Jones. As a full album, it’s too cheap’n’cheerful to really set one’s heart on fire, but 90 Percent Of 13 still a gently enchanting set that marks Merkabah 13 as one to keep half an eye on.



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