Update: Those synths, it appears, have been put to good use. In further Utley-related news, the musician has been recruited to provide the OST for a new short film. Flytopia is based on a short story by author Will Self, and promises to be “a dark fantastical tale in which a man enters into a pact  with all the insect inhabitants of his rural cottage, dripping with honey, sex, flies, meat…and a very sticky end”.

Modern Love’s aphotic poster boy Andy Stott also reportedly contributes to the score. The film is directed by Karni+Saul, and was shot on location in Hungary. The striking trailer is available to watch at the bottom of the post – entomophobes, look away now.

Third, Portishead’s masterful – and, this scribe would argue, best – 2008 album, was a malevolent delight.

Much of the record’s power was down to the band’s lurid fascination with vintage synth tones: just think of that cathartic organ motif in the final seconds of ‘Machine Gun’, or the dolorous foghorn wails that close the album. As Create Digital Music note, a video has now emerged online of Portishead guitarist/synth-operator Adrian Utley giving a comprehensive guided tour of his analogue synthesizer collection.

Featured kit includes the Arturia Minibrute, a Maestro Echoplex EP-4 tape delay and some seriously vintage Moogs. In short, it’s pure tech pornography, and a great insight into the band’s studio set-up. Utley, meanwhile, is a patient and informative chaperone, with plenty of insights and asides about his wonderful array of machines.

If one vintage synth-tour isn’t enough for you, we’d recommend you check out Vince Clarke’s daft but informative love letter to the Korg MS-20.



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