Hear DJ Spinn's unlikely remix of Antipodean popsters The Presets

Lil Jabba aside, there’s not been much cultural correspondence between Australia and the Chi-town footwork community. 

Australian imprint Modular has taken pains to open up channels of communication, enlisting footwork elder statesman DJ Spinn to rework a track by Sydney duo The Presets. In its original form, ‘Dream’ is a straightforward, uncomplicated pop number, and Spinn’s take proves to be an interesting, if unlikely, meeting of minds .

Compared to his best-known work, Spinn’s ‘Teklife Mix’ of ‘Ghosts’ is a curiously mild affair. The source vocal, normally shredded and lopped ad infinitum, is left relatively unmolested; the rhythms are much safer than the spastic syncopation of Spinn’s more forceful productions. When we spoke to DJ Rashad earlier this year, we batted about the hypothetical idea of a Teklife-produced Britney Spears track; ‘Ghosts’ offers a vision of how the mainstream might feasibly one day assimilate the rambunctious Chicago sound.

Further remixes of ‘Ghosts’ are set to drop in the coming weeks – Fort Romeau, Hermitude and Adrian Lux have all worked up new versions of the track. [via Juno Plus]



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