Make Noise

Last week, European Recycling Platform (ERP) and Heavenly Music Services launched Make Noise, a nationwide club tour taking place this Autumn and free to all – provided you bring along your old toaster and hand it in at the door.

Make Noise will be teaming up with Benji B for the tour, which stops off in London, Glasgow, Belfast, Leeds and Bristol, and aims to promote the recycling of electrical equipment, while also showcasing some of this country’s finest musical talent.

“I’m looking forward to doing some fun club nights around the UK on this tour with Make Noise,” says Benji. “It will be involving credible producers from around the country and also creating free club nights for the local communities.”

To reiterate: club-goers won’t be required to pay for entry to any of the tour dates; all they need to do is bring along an unwanted electrical item – anything from a broken hairdryer to a drowned phone, a busted iPod or even just a couple of old batteries!


Incorporating recycling into every aspect of the project, Make Noise will be collaborating with local recording studios in every city featured on the tour, and for each item of old electronics that’s handed in on the door, ERP will donate £5 to the studios to go towards buying new equipment. In the words of ERP, “It’s exactly what recycling is about, turning old, unwanted and sometimes broken goods into something new, more powerful and ultimately more useful.”

Furthermore, Make Noise will also act as a free source of professional music parts for budding producers, as they launch their new Recycled Versions online project:

“Effectively creating our very own virtual recycling bin (via Facebook & Soundcloud), we will be joining forces with some of the finest electronic producers in the world to give fans free access to an archive of old loops, basslines, samples and vocals, supplied and created by their heroes. And we will be encouraging (and challenging!) any young producers to get involved and turn these special old parts into something brand new and innovative. We don’t want remixes; we want to hear your recycles!”

Details of the tour – which will run November 6-27 – to follow. In the meantime, for more information on ERP, click here.




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