Linkin Park become first band to get 1 billion views on YouTube

In this most technologically tumultuous of eras, here’s another landmark first for the music industy.

Nu-metal melodramatists Linkin Park have become the first band to notch up over 1 billion official views on YouTube. The figures relate to views on the California band’s YouTube channel (linkinparktv, as if you didn’t already have it bookmarked).

Only three other acts have previously crashed through the 1bn glass ceiling. Lady Gaga crossed the line way back in 2010, and has subsequently had her achievements matched and beaten by Rihanna and Justin Bieber, the latter of whom has an astonishing 2.8bn+ views.

Linkin Park’s Facebook presence is similarly gargantuan; they’ve racked up over 45 million fans, and a recent photograph upped on the site got 160,000 ‘Likes’. Which puts the solitary ‘Like’ for our story on Umberto earlier today into perspective. The Linkin Park/Jay-Z team-up ‘Encore’ is below.



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