Preview Randomer's latest techno lunacy <em>We Laugh, We Scream</em>

Get a taste of Randomer’s forthcoming release for Untold’s Hemlock label.

Announced last week, the three tracks of We Laugh, We Scream deliver on the label’s promise of “deranged acid breakbeat music.” The title track continues Randomer’s foray into laser-focused dance floor aggression with a rapid-fire squelch and sultry spoken word vocals.

On ‘Nar,’ mechanical strings undercut the pneumatic bass. On the last cut, we agree with Hemlock: the icy breakbeat on ‘Freak Dub’ does sound like house made by Dillinja. We Laugh, We Scream is out on October 15.

1. We Laugh We Scream
2. Nar
3. Freak Dub



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