"From new wave apocalypto to Harajuku romance anthems": LA Vampires and Maria Minerva announce new collaborative LP

Two of the underground’s most distinguished modern voices team up on a new album.

Amanda ‘LA Vampires’ Brown, co-founder of the Not Not Fun label (a past home of Peaking Lights and Dylan Ettinger) with husband Britt, and more recently, founder of US dance label 100% Silk, is used to collaborating: in the past she’s worked on albums and EPs with Zola Jesus, Matrix Metals and Octo Octa. Integration sees her team up with Estonian Maria Minerva, who just released her latest solo album Will Happiness Find Me

The press release for Integration promises a “a cool niche catalogue of unclassifiable style prototypes, from new wave apocalypto to teutonic club dubs to Harajuku romance anthems, all unified by their tag-teamed sisters-with-voices symbiosis.” Not Not Fun will release it on October 30 [via Exclaim].

You can watch the video for ‘Freedom 2K’, Brown’s recent collaboration with Octo Octa, below.

1. Integration
2. End Of The World
3. I Fear Thy Kisses
4. Alien In My Heart
5. The Immoral Mr Tease
6. Seasons Change
7. Trying 2 Be Honest With Myself
8. Supercool
9. Desire Desire
10. A Lover & A Friend



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