Odd Future's MellowHype update album tracklist, featuring Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt, Mike G

First announced last month, MellowHype’s Numbers features some of their Odd Future compatriots.

The duo of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain will release their third album — and first for a major label — on October 9. The updated tracklist is below, courtesy Pitchfork.

On Numbers, Hodgy and Left Brain will be joined by Odd Future Man of the Year Frank Ocean, the recently resurgent Earl Sweatshirt, and the underrated Mike G.

MellowHype is responsible for some of Odd Future’s most aggressive and sinister songs, which is saying something considering the crew’s morbid curiosities. Watch the video for Numbers‘ Latin-flavored lead single ‘Bonita’ below.

01 Grill
02 65/Breakfast
03 Astro [ft. Frank Ocean]
04 Nfwgjdsh
05 La Bonita
06 Beat
07 Snare
08 Untitled L
09 Leflair
10 Monster
11 666 [ft. Mike G]
12 P2 [ft. Earl Sweatshirt]
13 Gnc
14 Brain
15 Under 2
16 Break



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