Swizz Beats named "Global Ambassador" for New York City's hospital services

Producer/rapper Swizz Beatz’s extra-musical activities have come under unwelcome scrutiny in the past twelve months.

Although some of his side ventures have been decidedly benign – designing trainers for Reebok, for example – the rapper’s supposed stint as CEO of verboten filesharing site Megaupload has proved far more contentious. As the continued legal toing-and-froing suggests, Beatz’s role in the organisation remains thoroughly unclear, but there’s a slightly insalubrious whiff about the whole affair.

Perhaps by way of atonement, Swizz Beatz has now found himself installed as a figurehead for the New York City Health And Hospitals Association. As a Global Ambassador for the group, he  is expected to raise awareness and funds for health services in the city. His purview is, reportedly, the link between wellbeing and the arts.

HHC director Joe Schick said Swizz Beatz is “committed to using his creativity, his innovation, and his international stature to help spread the HHC message on a global scale to promote better health in our city and our world,”

‘Upgrade U’, Beyonce’s killer Swizz Beatz-produced ode to cognitive therapy (possibly), is available below. Megaupload, meanwhile, is allegedly on the cusp of a comeback.



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