Listen to a remix of Jamie XX's 'NY Is Killing Me' featuring rapper Angel Haze

Haze’s ‘New York’ is mashed up with one of Jamie XX’s best Gil Scott-Heron reworkings.

While we’re usually weary of mashups post-2007, this one has some charm due to its ouroboros-like quality. Fiery upstart Angel Haze sampled the soul-clapping beat of Gil Scott Heron’s ‘New York Is Killing Me’ on her battle-ready ‘New York’. Meanwhile, Jamie XX remixed the song into the oscillating’ ‘NY Is Killing Me’ on We’re New Here; his version provides the instrumentation here.

The 83rd, the producer behind Haze’s impressive Reservations, lays in her antagonist rhymes over the track, warping her vocals where necessary. Considering the lineage of the songs involved, its an interesting take on the titular city. Stream the track below.



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