Scottish beatmaker Offshore to release new mini-album for Big Dada

We’ve been into Offshore for quite some time at FACT.

One of the brightest sparks to emerge from what seemed like a sea of Scottish up-and-comers (Rustie, Hud Mo, The Blessings, Loops Haunt et al) in the second half of last decade, his debut EP (Offshore, released on Stuff) saw him snapped by Big Dada, who have released two more transmissions from him (the Aneurysm and Pacer EPs), while promising a full-length album.

Whether this is the album they’ve promised is unsure – despite being 14 tracks long, it’s billed as a “mini-album”, implying that a proper full-length is still on the way – but it’s certainly welcome news. As is often the case with Offshore, Bake Haus takes its cues from instrumental hip-hop, the Neptunes and crunk notable influences, but combines them with haunting-yet-playful melodies and scrapes of live instrumentation – as odd as it might sounds, Bake Haus at times reminds us of the more spindly instrumentals from Tom Waits’ sea-faring ’80s albums. You can stream a preview of the record below.

Big Dada will release Bake Haus on November 5.

1. Breeze
2. Fraser
3. Lifes Too
4. Venom
5. Name Brand
6. Downer
7. Well Patient
8. Black Bun
9. Bake Haus
10. Back Wynd
11. Gutter
12. Slip
13. Long Now
14. Downer 2



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