Brian Eno debuts Scape, a new music composition app

On the heels of announcing his new album LUX, Eno shares another project.

Scape is an iPad app, and the follow-up to 2008′s iPhone app Bloom. Created with collaborator Peter Chilvers, Scape is a synesthetic’s dream: it lets users create atmospheric music by designing pictures to generate sounds. Everything from color to position changes the sound, and element interaction leads to entirely new compositions every time.

“I felt that what was very interesting to do as a composer was to construct some kind of system or process which did the composing for you. You’d then feed inputs into it, and it would reconfigure it and make something beyond what you had predicted,” Eno says. “I might retire, now I’ve found a way to make myself redundant.”

Scape is available now for $5.99 from the iTunes App Store. If you’re not sure what you’re getting, watch an introduction video below. LUX will be out November 13 on Warp. [via CoS]



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