Marina Diamandis flips the sexual politics script in ‘How To Be a Heartbreaker’.

After a bit of record company interference, Marina and the Diamonds’ video for ‘How To Be A Heartbreaker’, a single off the US version of Electra Heart, is finally out.

The concept couldn’t be simpler: “I had 100 per cent creative control over this video. I was like OK, lets get six Calvin Klein models and put them in the shower and I’ll standing the middle in PVC,” Diamandis told The Sun.

Diamandis is back in black, in clothing and hair color. But in a separate interview with The Sun, Diamandis says that the blonde look she’s had for about a year wasn’t all intentional. After bleaching her hair, it fell out while at a hairdresser in Los Angeles.

“I bought a wig and painted the roots black and wore a ribbon over it, so it looked natural. And the ribbon became part of my look,” she says. “I wore the wig for nine months. Nobody knew.”



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