We always knew there’d be trouble when Sacramento rabble-rousers Death Grips made the unusual choice of signing with Epic Records.

Yesterday, the band made new LP NO LOVE DEEP WEB available to download for free, complete with some very brazen artwork (seriously, don’t click on it). The leak was reportedly instigated by Epic’s decision to push the album’s release date back into 2013, with the band promising that the label “will be hearing the album for the first time with you”.

Pitchfork report that the plot has thickened even further. Yesterday evening, Death Grips’ website inexplicably went offline, and remains a dead link as of this morning. Band lynchpin Zach Hill subsequently claimed that Epic were behind the shutdown. The band also took to Twitter to bemoan the situation, writing: “our sight [sic] just got shut down- BASIC AS FUCK”

Epic have subsequently claimed to have nothing to do with the shutdown. What’s your theory: covert label skullduggery, band self-sabotage, or something else entirely?



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