Hear 'Behind Curtains', a ghoulish transmission from lo-fi diabolist Lust For Youth

Lust For Youth is the scuzzy solo enterprise of Copenhagen resident Hannes Norrvide. 

Lust For Youth’s debut full-length Growing Seeds first emerged as a cassette on Gothenburg imprint Posh Isolation in 2011, and it’s sprung from a very different germ to the label’s metal/noise-orientated roster. Sacred Bones are now releasing an adapted and expanded version of that record, bolstered by contributions from Sexdrome’s Loke Rahbek. Goth is an obvious touchstone, but Growing Seeds is closer in spirit to the dancefloor: many of the songs here sound like bona fide electro-house bangers Xeroxed into oblivion.

Album opener ‘Behind Curtains’ is now available to stream, and offers a fine introduction to Norrvide’s scuffed aesthetic. Reedy synths drift into the red, and a house beat thuds away at the bottom of the mix. Norrvide, meanwhile, bellows into the void.

Growing Seeds is due on November 14.



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