Pariah and Blawan announce new six-track as Karenn: stream samples inside

Blawan and Pariah are set to release their most substantial work yet under the banner of their Karenn project. 

The London-based pair – who’ve both released through veteran house and techno label R&S, and share a particular love of the latter genre – started the Karenn project in 2011, with a three-track release on their own label, She Works The Long Nights.

This new release, the label’s fourth (following records by Sunil Sharpe, Pariah & Midland, and the aforementioned first Karenn EP), sounds more restrained than the horror 4×4 Blawan has been making of late, both solo and with The Analogue Cops, but still packs plenty of punch. Oh, and as is usually the case with these two, the track titles are excellent: ‘A Room Full of Fuck All’ in particular.

The EP is “out soon”, on double-vinyl 12″. You can stream samples below.



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