Vitalic sounds dafter than ever on the subtlety-free 'Stamina'

Vitalic, the buzzsaw alias of Frenchman Pascal Arbez-Nicolas, has returned from the cold with more high-volume, low-tact electro. 

John Calvert’s review of Deadmau5′ Album Title Goes Here draws a tacit link between Vitalic’s fizzing 2005 debut OK Cowboy and EDM’s facetious walloping. Still, Vitalic’s too singular – and, to be frank, too speccy – to really have anything other than a vague affiliation with brostep. New track ‘Stamina’ – taken from his forthcoming Rave Age LP – proves the point.

‘Stamina’ takes electro-house’s tics to such ludicrous extremes that it becomes something else entirely. Pascal’s talked about wanting to go somewhere different from 2009’s “relaxed” Flashmob, and ‘Stamina’ is a big dumb pitch for the dancefloor. We could have done without the “Ladies and gentlemen, crank it up!” ident, but if you’re going to go in for this sort of thing, quibbling about infelicities is a pretty pointless exercise.



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