Alan McGee expands on record label plans: "It is not a nostalgia exercise."

Last month came word that the Creation Records founder was looking to get back in the business.

While McGee said that he was “seriously thinking about restarting Creation, or maybe Re-Creation if I can find the right people at a label to work with,” the new project will no be called Creation Records. In another statement to Louder Than War, McGee says it will take more than six months to set anything up.

“I have loads on my plate right at this moment and we want to get this set it up properly and we are keen to make a vehicle for music,” says McGee. “We are just not sure what the vehicle is at the moment with the collapse of old style record labels and we are coming up with a new idea of how to do this. I need a vehicle and I suppose in some ways we are trying to reinvent the wheel, luckily my lawyers and the people who want to do this with me are all super smart…”

“It’s been done is my conclusion and it will be a different model now- it’s not 1999. We have some serious backers wanting to do it. It is not a nostalgia exercise.” Of the artists, McGee says “I want to do this with some new people I really love like Pete Macleod, Gun Club Cemetery and Christian Pattemore who I found down here in Hay On Wye and some surprising older names- lunatics like you and me!”

Founded in 1983, Creation Records was the preeminent British independent label and counted Oasis, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream and The Jesus And Mary Chain on its roster. As to what’s on his plate, McGee is currently editing a film, and he’s writing his autobiography with Harry Mulligan. He’s also helping to curate next summer’s Tokyo Rocks music festival.



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