Deniro Farrar and Shady Blaze share the bleak <em>Kill Or Be Killed</em> mixtape

It’s Charlotte-meets-The Bay on this unrelenting cloud rap collaboration.

To give you a sense of Kill Or Be Killed‘s tone, the mixtape is tagged with the genre “Lookin Into The Barrel” on Soundcloud. The same type of dark clouds alluded to in FACT’s recent interview with Main Attrakionz’ MondreM.A.N. dominate this 16-track affair.

Charlotte’s Deniro Farrar and the Bay’s Shady Blaze (of the Green Ova crew) are a formidable duo, with Farrar’s menacing voice and Blaze’s rapid-fire double-time raps. Stream/download the bummer of a mixtape (thematically, speaking) below.

The hazy production is provided by familiar names in the nascent scene: Ryan Hemsworth, Keyboard Kid, Friendzone, and Sines; you’ll have to buy the album on Bandcamp for a “hidden track” by Lunice. Likewise, the feature list is a family affair, including Green Ova associates Main Attrakionz and Squadda B, Haleek Maul, and Metro Zu’s Lofty305.

1. Kill On Sight (Prod. Oswin SM)
2. 43 Hours In feat. ST 2Lettaz (Prod. Ryan Hemsworth)
3. Therapture (Prod. Keyboard Kid)
4. All The Way ft. Lofty, Squadda B + Deecee (Prod. Friendzone)
5. Breaking Ties (Prod. Kira)
6. Back/Forth/Back (Prod. Friendzone)
7. On My Block (Prod. Spadez)
8. Fallen Soldiers ft. Main Attrakionz (Prod. Ryan Hemsworth)
9. Cold Blood ft. Haleek Maul (Prod. Ryan Hemsworth)
10. Rollin’ (Prod. DKallday)
11. Ballad of the Lost Souls (Prod. Keyboard Kid)
12. Madonna (Prod. Ryan Hemsworth)
13. Stayin’ Alive ft. Tree (Prod. Tree)
14. ugotme (Prod. Sines)
15. Soul Fly Remix ft. Boldy James (Prod. BK Beats and PBZ)
16. NWO (Prod. nem270) [Bonus Election 2012 Shit]
17. Hidden Track: Tenfold (Prod. Lunice)



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