Old Apparatus' superb run of releases continues with <em>Alfur</em> cut 'Lingle'

The ongoing EP trilogy from cryptic bass explorers Old Apparatus proceeds apace. 

Whereas recent disc Realise was produced by OA member LTO, the five-track Alfur arrives courtesy of A. Levitas. Everything the camera-shy London outfit does exudes class, and advance track/video ‘Lingle’ pushes the point once again.

‘Lingle’ suggests that Alfur will be Realise‘s more brooding cousin. Portentious drone work plays off against deconstructed vocals, and there’s a surging undercurrent of sub-bass keeping the track afloat. It’s not entirely dolorous: those big-top cymbal crashes add some unlikely cheer to proceedings, and up the ambiguity considerably.

The video, meanwhile, is a thousand leagues ahead of most vintage cut’n’paste fare, using some deft visual processing to produce a  strange, disconcerting clip. Wonderful. [via Playground]

Alfur is due on October 8 on 12″ on the group’s own Sullen Town imprint. Our recent interview with Old Apparatus is here.



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