On October 15, Public Information will release Tomorrow’s Achievements, a compilation of electronic pieces sourced from the Parry Music Library, 1976-86.

Parry Music was established in Toronto in 1974 by John Parry, a former manager at Chappell Music, and Chris Stone. Granted access by John, Public Information’s mainmen have chosen 25 of their favourite tracks for the comp, which is available on vinyl LP and digital formats. Some names familiar to library music nuts feature, including Johnny Hawksworth, Robin Artus and Paul Kass, as well as previously little-known artists like Harry Forbes.

Public Information: “Forbes is the real driving force of our Parry-Love; a master of imminent, hummable melody, sublime synth miniatures baked in sweetness. Elsewhere we revel with the other players in proto-Balearic house, groovy electronic disco, spooked choral drone, freaked-modular scorch, weird Radiophonic bleep. These are the soundtracks to movie car chases never known, lost kids TV shows never realized, radio-ads never broadcast – music to make your ears sing for more.”

The music has been remastered by Rashad Becker at D&M in Berlin, and the release features artwork by Jack Featherstone. More information here.

Public Information is a young UK label that to date has released new music by the likes of Austin Cesear, No UFO’s and Ekoplez, as well as archival recordings by F.C. Judd. All very impressive stuff.

A1. Dawn Light: Robin Artus 
A2. Bio-Rhythm: Paul Kass 
A3. Digits: Harry Forbes 
A4: New Invention: Nino Nardini 
A5 Solar Energy: Russ Walker 
A6: Alpha Micro: Robin Artus / Paul Kass 
A7: Builders 2: Harry Forbes 
A8: Integrator: Hermann Langschwert 
A9: Sonic Rhythm: Barry Schleifer 
A10: Technomobile No.2: E Grenga / C Lawry / D Stevens 
A11: Future Directions: Rick Miller 
A12: Turbo Motion: Robin Artus / Paul Kass 
A13: Automation: Robin Artus / Paul Kass 
A14: Utilities: Harry Forbes

B1: The Beginning: Johnny Hawksworth 
B2: Time Lapse: Harry Forbes 
B3: Poseidon: Paul Williams 
B4: Cuboid: Kerry Beaumont 
B5: Remote Control: Harry Forbes 
B6: Moving Patterns: Barry Schleifer 
B7: Instroscan No.2: Paul Kass 
B8: Communications : Harry Forbes 
B9: Panorama No.2 : Robin Artus / Paul Kass 
B10: Drone No.1: Harry Forbes 
B11: Tomorrow’s Achievements: Harry Forbes



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