The eagerly awaited Philip Glass: Remixed compilation is now available to stream in its entirety. 

Following on from Oneohtrix Point Never’s aborted contribution and, more recently, Beck’s 20 minute capriccio , NPR is now streaming the collection in its entirety.

Assembled by Beck to celebrate the composer’s 75th birthday, Rework: Philip Glass Remixed is one of the year’s more idiosyncratic remix discs. Some of the contributors makes sense (Amon Tobin, Tyondai Braxton), but it’s the unlikely revisions – Nosaj Thing’s synthetic pastoral, Dan Deacon’s frenetic patch job, Pantha Du Prince’s coruscating revamp – that give the set some degree of distinction.

Stream the album here.


Disc 1:
1. My Great Ghost “Music in Twelve Parts, Part 1″
2. Tyondai Braxton “Rubric (Remix)”
3. Nosaj Thing “Knee 1 (Remix)”
4. Dan Deacon “Alight Spiral Ship (Philip Glass Remix)”
5. Amon Tobin “Warda’s Whorehouse Inside Out Version”
6. Silver Alert “Etoile Polaire: Little Dipper”
7. Memory Tapes “Floe ’87 (Remix)”
8. Cornelius 3 “Opening From Glassworks”

Disc 2:
1. Beck “NYC: 73-78″
2. Jóhann Jóhannsson “Protest (Remix)”
3. Pantha Du Prince “Mad Rush Organ (Remix)”
4. Peter Broderick “Island (Remix)”



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