'Child I Will Kill You': Crystal Castles reveal new album (III) tracklist

Toronto aggy-electro pair Crystal Castles’ long-delayed new album will arrive on November 5.

Titled (III) in line with past Crystal Castles records, we’ve already seen the artwork for the record – a stark reworking of an award-winning photograph of Yemeni woman Fatima al-Qaws cradling her son, Zayed, who had been injured in an anti-government protest – and heard two tracks from it, ‘Plague’ and ‘Wrath of God’. You can now read the full tracklist for the album, which closes on a track titled ‘Child I Will Hurt You’. Nice [via Pitchfork].

Speaking about the record earlier this year, vocalist Alice Glass claimed that “There’s lots of themes [to the album] but feeling, like, oppressed… A lot of things not personally happening to us, since the past record, but people we know kind of profoundly influenced everything.  I didn’t think I could lose faith in humanity any more than I already had, but after witnessing some things, it just… the world is a dystopia. I’m one step away from being a vigilante. I’ve thought about it”.

01 Plague
02 Kerosene
03 Wrath of God
04 Affection
05 Pale Flesh
06 Sad Eyes
07 Insulin
08 Transgender
09 Violent Youth
10 Telepath
11 Mercenary
12 Child I Will Hurt You



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