Gauzy – and, on occasion, gorgeous – beatsmith Dam Mantle has unveiled a luscious split EP. 

The Glasgow producer has just dropped his new LP, Brothers Fowl, on Gold Panda’s Notown label. As with his promising 2010 debut First Wave, the record is a heady listen, all saturated colours and lens flare. House is clearly an influence, but, like the chap who writes his cheques, Dam Mantle is clearly a hip-hop indebted collagist at heart.

Dam Mantle has now teamed up with fellow Weegies Lovers’ Rights, a hitherto unknown triumvirate of producers, for a split EP. The disc features two cuts apiece from both artists. Dam Mantle contributes the furtive title track from Brothers Fowl, plus non-album track ‘Dublin’. Lovers’ Rights, meanwhile, are a more forthright proposition: ‘Cnidarian’ is a sinewy bit of swung house, whilst ‘Make Your Own Milk’ is a restless, acid-inflected barnstormer.

The Dam Mantle & Lovers’ Rights EP is available to stream below, courtesy of Dummy



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