New music has finally emerged from that long-mooted Prefuse 73/Teebs collaborative exercise, Sons Of The Morning

Prefuse 73 is famous for his creolized blend of glitch and hip-hop, releasing at least two classic albums on Warp (2001’s Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives, and 2003 follow-up One Word Extinguisher) and veering off-piste with side projects Savath y Savalas and Diamond Watch Wrists. California native Teebs, meanwhile, crafts giddy, highly textured boom-bap, and has previously dropped on Brainfeeder and Svetlana Industries.

The pair have now released the first example of their collective labours, a remix of jazz-inflected guitarist Rafiq Bhatia. In its original form, ‘Sunshower’ is a pretty solo guitar exercises which suddenly erupts, a la Mice Parade, into a brash fusion number. The Sons Of The Morning version is a more delicate affair: Teebs’ spoolplay adds colour and depth, and the track is wreathed in Prefuse’s inimitable radio crackle.

The remix will appear on a new EP from freshly minted label Rest Assured, featuring remixes of cuts from Bhatia’s recent Strata disc. [via Pitchfork]



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