Optimo Music’s JD Twitch re-imagines a house classic, with a suitably throwback clip.

‘Is It All Over The Place?’ is an homage to the Arthur Russell-produced Loose Joints classic ‘Is It All Over My Face?’. The new version recalls the slinky, sexual deep house of the original, and Alicia Matthews’ vocals are particularly diva-like.

The track’s video, while shot with digital clarity, evokes the spirt of the legendary clubs of the era: dark rooms, smokey ambience, and fluid sexuality. Thanks to Colin O’Hara for the tip, who provided the video’s concept and dancing.

This isn’t the only connection between Twitch and Russell. Earlier this year, Optimo Music reissued Zummo With An X, a 1985 album by Russell-collaborator Peter Zummo.

“I first discovered Peter Zummo when I first discovered Arthur Russell,” explains Twitch. “I kept hearing THAT trombone sound throughout Arthur’s music and through scanning through various label credits made the connection that this Peter Zummo character was a constant collaborator with Arthur. Zummo’s trombone sound is one of those things that if I am feeling anxious or pissed off will instantly soothe me and make everything feel alright.”



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