Watch Morrissey on the Colbert Report: forces the whole show to go vegetarian, suicidal pigs

Former Smiths frontman Morrissey appeared on Stephen Colbert’s TV show The Colbert Report last night, and the results were pretty entertaining.

Colbert revealed that for Morrissey to do the show, the entire building had to go vegetarian – a particularly interesting request, given recent revelations about the West Coast’s Coachella festival – and managed to get away with more than most would when it came to teasing Morrissey about his former band (“please welcome Johnny Marr!”), the royal family and vegetarianism. Oh, and according to Morrissey, he won’t be reforming The Smiths any time soon because he’s not a “fat old slag”. Which told you.

You can watch the full interview, and Morrissey’s live performance on the show, here.



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