Talib Kweli claims that his Peter Andre collaboration never happened, and his verse was stolen

Late last week, we expressed our surprise that ’90s pop star / ’00s celebrity car crash Peter Andre’s ninth album (seriously, his ninth!) Angels & Demons featured a surprising guest appearance from Black Star veteran Talib Kweli. 

The idea of Kweli and Andre collaborating seemed too strange to be true, and as it turns out… it wasn’t true. If Talib Kweli’s Twitter this evening is anything to go by, then he was as surprised as us when the track appeared on the Angels & Demons tracklist.

“Wow @mrpeterandre you just take people verses from other songs and put them on your album?” asked Kweli, before wondering if “Thats what hot in the streets?”, as if Andre’s a ruthless up-and-comer eager to get hype under any costs, as opposed to, you know, the man behind this. Kweli claims to have tried to contact Andre’s people by email before taking things to Twitter, and claims that the producer of the track “took my verse from another song w/out permission … How somebody tell you you on an album you never recorded on? then when you hit they mgr he like “what, we gave u publishing!””

“It’s abt to be a fun week”, reckons Kweli. We’ll get the popcorn 

[via CD in the comments section]



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