Luca ‘Lucy’ Mortellaro is back with another kohl-eyed techno 12″.

The Italian is the mastermind behind the vigorous Stroboscopic Artefacts label, currently home to this year’s ongoing Stellate series (featuring the likes of Perc, Kangding Ray and Silent Servant). He’s also been responsible for a glut of rhythmically uneven, freewheeling techno releases, the pick being last year’s excellent debut LP Wordplay For Working Bees.

Lucy will reappear late next month with Finnegan, a new 12″ for Belgian label Curle (previously home to Conforce, Thomas Brinkmann and Efdemin). Lucy last graced their books on a collaboration with Rone back in 2007, and he’s making the most of the return visit: ‘Finnegan’ is one of the most direct bits of industrially-minded techno he’s put his name to.

There’s even better new on the flip, where spectral house producer(and current Blawan compatriot) Pariah contributes two separate remixes, including a muscular ‘Dub Mix’. Finnegan will arrive on November 26. [via Juno Plus]

A. Finnegan
B1. Finnegan (Pariah Remix)
B2. Finnegan (Pariah Dub Mix)



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