The Raider Klan’s resident street rapper calls out ‘Fake Niggaz.’

SpaceGhostPurrp may or may not have retired, but the rest of the Raider Klan is staying busy. Fellow Floridian Yung simmie shares a video for ‘Fake Niggaz’ which, like the track, is slightly out-of-focus, slightly menacing, and completely hazy.

DJ Smokey provides the sparse beat, infusing it with a haunting yet gentle string melody. Simmie picks up where he left off in his ‘In That Lack Lack 1993 Freestyle,’ with his crystal clear, ratatat flow.

Yung Simmie appeared with the rest of the Raider Klan on a Greatest Hits compilation, and released a video for ‘Florida Nigga Mentality’ this summer.



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