Brenmar gives Justin Timberlake's Beyonce-featuring 'Until The End Of Time' a club-ready refix

Brenmar brings sexy back with his remix of the FutureSex/LoveSounds slow jam.

‘Until The End Of Time’ features two of the finest R&B talents of their generation, was produced by Timbaland and Danja, and samples ‘Raspberry Beret’… yet we had forgotten about it until this widescreen remix by Brenmar.

With Brenmar behind the boards, the minor 2006 hit goes from bedroom mood-setter to peak-hour party starter. Slinky synths and club breakbeats amp the song into a real body jacker, while touches of the original’s dramatic string arrangement keep the song grounded emotionally.

We must be spoiled, because after similar remixes of Aaliyah, Ashanti, and Cassie, Brenmar’s deft execution is no surprise. Stream the track below; a download is “coming soon.” Update: download the track below.



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