The latest addition to the ingenious Sonic Journeys series arrives courtesy of Portishead’s Adrian Utley. 

Sonic Journeys is a sounduk initiative which commissions musical accompaniments to geographically specific landscapes or journeys. Last year, Shackleton teamed up with old mucker Vengeance Tenfold to soundtrack a series of Devon train journeys. Avant-pop tyro Micachu, meanwhile, has provided an audio accompaniment to a walk around London’s Barbican Centre.

The latest instalment is a more bucolic affair. Utley’s new composition is designed to soundtrack a stroll through the grounds of the National Trust’s Croft Castle. The track is available for free download, and comes with an accompanying hand-drawn map outlining the optimum route to experience the music alongside. Utley’s piece is produced in association with the National Trust, and is intended to raise awareness about Britain’s ancient trees and historic woodland.

In case Herefordshire is somewhat out of the way, filmmaker John Minton – responsible for shorts for Portsihead and A Hawk And A Hacksaw – has also been brought on board to produce a video document of the walk. Croft Castle’s verdant environs include a 1000 year old Quarry Oak and sweet chestnuts that date back to 17th century.

Utley’s composition will be available from the Sonic Journeys website until October 15 2013. If you fancy a different sort of Utley-led tour, check out his guide to his synth collection. 



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