Following on from a crawling revision of ‘Keep It Low’ from Andy Stott, Warp electro-poppers The Hundred In The Hands have got an overhaul from South London Ordnance.

The duo have just released a new digital-only EP, featuring remixes from the likes of kooky beatmaker Lucky Paul, navel-gazers Swim Deep and skittering Dallas producer LDFD. The most muscular interpretation in the package comes courtesy of former FACT New Talent South London Ordnance, who gives Red Night track ‘Come With Me’ the once over.

SLO’s been a busy operator, knocking out the Big Boss Theme EP for Audio Culture, a neat 12″ for Well Rounded Records, and the scuzzy ‘Witch Hunt’ for Teal Recordings. In keeping with breakthrough cuts like ‘Roofy’ and ‘Crows Nest’, ‘Come With Me’ is a dubby house cut, bolstered by some grubby breakbeats and a reptilian bassline.

Come With Me is out now.



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