Canadian digi-pop loon d’Eon has issued the latest edition of his superlative Music For Keyboards series.

d’Eon released his second solo full-length LP earlier this year, but, for our money, that disc was vastly overshadowed by his free Music For Keyboards download series. Volume 1 was a delightful set of ambient miniatures and etudes, and remains one of the prettiest ambient records we’ve heard in yonks. Volume II, meanwhile, remagined Blink 182’s pop-punk calling card ‘What’s My Age Again?’ as a 16 part neo-classical suite. Volume III has been unveiled, and it’s another high-concept affair: a “traditional symphony for MIDI orchestra”.

The piece is split into two movements, and reportedly takes its cues from the likes of Sibelius and Copland. It’s also dedicated to d’Eon’s homeland, exploring “themes of nationalism and patriotism”. As regards the nitty-gritty, Volume III was composed and performed the piece using a MIDI keyboard, a MIDI tracker and Edirol Orchestral software.

Whereas the last two collections were spartan in tone, Volume III doesn’t skimp on the ersatz grandeur: synthetic woodwind, tinny violins and pealing digital brass all feature. The results are a little like playing Final Fantasy whilst Donnie Darko plays in the background. Click here to download.



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