In case you hadn’t noticed, long obsolete social media/music platform Myspace is relaunching

After a woeful half-decade, the site has wheeled out Justin Timberlake to front a major nuts’n’bolts overhaul. After the initial fanfare, specific details have now emerged of what users can expect from the resuscitated site.

As Music Week report, Myspace c. 2012 will offer a more direct channel of communication between musicians and fans. The new site will contain bolstered statistical features: map visuals will allow artists to see where their fans are geographically clustered, and a wider range of data on what material users are consuming will be readily available. The site will also allow artists to send messages exclusively to their more dedicated fans. Artists will also be able to stream albums as special mixes,complete with photos and visual content.

Users, meanwhile, will benefit from a streamlined search function. A constant music bar will sit at the bottom of the page, and can be cued-up, jukebox style, with new material. Users will also be able to track – and, with one click, stream – what other people or artists are listening to. For now at least, the bad old days of eye-frazzling profile pages appear to be behind us.



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