Update: A new “instalment” has purportedly been released from the series. American channel IFC, who will premiere the all-new Trapped In The Closet in November, have created ‘Chapter 23’ as a primer to all the key events from the first two batches of episodes. Head here to watch (note: we’re having some difficulty getting the video up and running)

When we left R. Kelly’s labyrinthine melodrama back in 2007, a cryptic package and a series of enigmatic phone calls had us on tenterhooks.

Earlier this year, Kelly announced that the Trapped In The Closet narrative would be extended in 2012. And so it proves: Billboard report that the first chapters in five years will be released on Nov 23.

Kelly has also revealed that 20 new chapters have been filmed. That’s not all: according to the singer, the series may end up proving indefinite. In Kelly’s words, Trapped in the Closet is forever. I’ve got like a hundred chapters to come.” We’re not sure we can handle a lifetime of unlikely cliffhangers, but we’ll find out next month what Kelly’s got up his sleeve.



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