Highly regarded UK producer Geiom has long operated at the intersection between dubstep and IDM. 

Geiom’s current stint at Frijsfo Beats will continue with new album Black Screen. The album – his first in half a decade – is a busy digital playpen, with stern glitch experiments sitting side-by-side with clubbier, dubbier material a la 2007’s excellent Island Noise.

Black Screen track ‘Row2Land’ shows the producer continuing to balance the cerebral and the danceable. As its title suggests, ‘Row2Land’ is stuffed with vintage drum machine taps, thumps and clangs. There’s touches of LHF in those conga riddims, but Geiom’s antic drum programming sets him apart from his gloomier contemporaries.

Nic Hamilton’s stunning clip casts the track as the soundtrack to some futuristic ecological nightmare. It’s a veritable avalanche of fractals and vectors – super artificial, but really quite stirring nonetheless.

Black Screen is due on November 12.



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