RZA promises "one last job" by The Wu-Tang Clan, has must-watch interview with Snoop Lion

With directorial debut The Man With The Iron Fists on the way (not to mention a new flick in the works), Wu-Tang’s resident Yoda The RZA has been spending the bulk of his time behind the camera rather than the mixing desk – but that hasn’t stopped him making some fascinating proclamations on the future of his crew. 

Speaking to The New York Times, the rapper/producer talks about his desires to reconvene the ensemble for a classic, organised, highly focused Wu-Tang record. He also heavily hints that said record would be the group’s last: “There’s one last job Wu-Tang Clan must do. The 20th anniversary [of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)] is next year. And we need to, one time, completely, efficiently, properly, professionally represent our brand. One more time. But this time, showing up on time for press and for concerts and studio…”.

RZA also talks at length about his historic role in the group: “A lot of people don’t know this about Wu-Tang, it started from a focused mind. I was given total autonomy to do whatever I want with them… They agreed, to me, to be a dictator for five years. And in those five years, it’s considered some of our best work…. I see what happens when a person like me is driving that ship. I think we can do it again.

“I’ve been talking to some of the guys, I was like, “Yo, look, I would suggest that you put down everything you know, and trust me one more time. I would say, if we get one more shot of me being completely trusted as the driver of the ship, I think we could give the world one more record, maybe. And if not that, one more campaign…” [via Pitchfork]

As Complex note, RZA also sat down for a tête-à-tête with Snoop Lion né Dogg. The video, which is absolutely essential viewing for anyone that’s ever bought – hell, thought about buying – a rap CD, sees the pair  grill one another about their respective upbringings and inspirations; check the video, convened by GGN, below.

In a final morsel of Wu news, Raekwon has hinted that Kanye West will appear on his forthcoming Only Built For Cuban Linx Pt. III. As Exclaim report, Raekwon has said that that “of course ‘Ye would be on that thing”. The record, originally (and, in all likelihood, erroneously )slated for release this year, has yet to get a release date.



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