iTAL tEK’s Chicago-leaning Nebula Dance arrives at the end of the month.

Alan Myson’s production project has undergone numerous evolutions, tilting from spastic IDM to, around the time of breakthrough LP cYCLICAL, meticulously polished dubstep. Nebula Dance promises another shift, incorporating footwork tempos and tropes into his sound palette.

‘Pixel Haze (VIP)’ doesn’t appear on Nebula Dance – as the title suggests, it’s actually a revamped version of an album cut of the same name – but it’s yet another sign that Myson has caught the footwork bug in a serious way. As with this year’s The Planet EP, Kuedo’s Severant is a crucial touchstone, although there are some jazzy touches that provide a trace of the human amidst all the machineplay.

Head to Pitchfork to listen.



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