Azealia Banks has turned her well-practised acid tongue on fashion house Dolce & Gabanna in the wake of their controversial 2012-13 collection.

In a series of Twitter posts yesterday, Banks called out D&G for being “racist”, lambasting the company for cyncically utilising “”black mammie” imagery” and promising to boycott the brand.

Banks’ posts read: “Definitely boycotting Dolce & Gabanna…Whoever designed that racist ass Dolce and Gabanna collection needs a swift kick in the mouth and a big dick up the ass…I really hate it when people do corny, racist things then try to justify it as “art”…It’s all just really unnecessary. the clothes in the collection were fine without all the “black mammie” imagery”. [via Vibe]

We all know that Banks shoots off her mouth at will, but she’s got something of a point in this instance: Dolce & Gabanna’s showcase featured (conspicuously white) models rocking burlap dresses and imagery highly redolent of slave-era America. The collection was supposedly inspired by the first African settlers in Sicily. Images from the catwalk are available below.

Over the weekend, Banks stopped by at the London Aquarium. A new mixtape was released in honour of the show.



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