Dro Carey launches BRAINCAMP site with compilation of unreleased tracks

The prolific producer launches a Bandcamp site with a 17-track compilation.

Sydney experimenter Dro Carey (born Eugene Hector but also known as Tuff Sherm and Fad TMB) brings his blurry, queasy compositions to Bandcamp, which he has christened BRAINCAMP; his BRAIN SO SOFT Tumblr is similarly named.

“To celebrate the launch of BRAINCAMP, I’ve decided to compile some unreleased tracks from a diverse range of periods and projects,” he says. “These aren’t meant to be considered proper releases and sorry if the masters are all over the place if you do listen front-to-back.”

Vault Raider Vol. 1 includes previously unreleased tracks that appeared on Youtube, Vimeo, and various mixes, and is available for only $1. Also on the site is an upgraded version of last year’s Tussin Underwater, his mini-album about “a naval officer addicted to lean.”



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