British musicians see overseas revenue double in "particularly strong" year

According to new figures released by PRS for Music, British artists earned £188m in overseas royalties last year – a 10% rise on 2010, and over a 100% rise from 10 years ago. 

2011 was described as a “particularly strong” year by PRS – a company that collects royalties from radio play and more on behalf of songwriters, producers, publishers and composers – thanks in no short part to Rihanna [above], whose inescapable ‘We Found Love’ was written and produced by Calvin Harris. Oh, and Adele of course.

On top of this, a BBC article on the figures highlights TV revenue rising due to British music being used on shows like American Idol, and British music being used in the London Olympics, which was broadcast worldwide (though we dare say the real winner there was Greece – Vangelis has surely never enjoyed a sporting event more).



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