Time was when The Weeknd’s quondam producer Zodiac was down on his luck. 

Despite his involvement in our favourite LP of last year, the Canadian producer appeared to have been retroactively airbrushed out of history by his former collaborator. The last year, however, has seen Zodiac get a co-sign from Jacques Greene’s Vase label, and, more recently, join the hit factory of mega-producer Paul Epworth. His musical output, meanwhile, has been strong: last month’s self-titled EP was a woozy, caliginous set of R&B for lonely souls.

Zodiac has now cooked up a remix of fellow Vase artists Arclight’s ‘Vitamin D’. The original (which features the handiwork of Luke ‘Lukid’ Blair) was a beatless bit of ambient pop in a very similar vein to Laurel Halo’s work as King Felix. Zodiac’s rework is sturdier and sadder, setting Arclight’s vocal over a guttering, spooky instrumental. Like fellow 2011 breakthrough artist Clams Casino, Zodiac’s got a remarkable knack for tugging at one’s heartstrings, and his ‘Vitamin D’ remix offers yet more well-wrought Instant Pathos [via Dazed]

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