Crookers to release post-breakup compilation <em>From Then Until Now</em>

Last week came word that the fidget house duo will be dissolving after more than eight years together.

Andrea “Bot” Fratangelo will pursue a new direction, while Francesco “Phra” Barbaglia continues to work under the Crookers name. To mark the end of an era, the Milan duo will release the two-disc retrospective From Then Until Now.

“We’re proud to present to you this collection of our best work so far. We hope this compilation helps explain our music, and shows how it has developed over the years,” says the duo via a statement. “This album is our journey from the beginning until now, taking in all our favourite releases and remixes, with a new track and some unreleased gems from along the way.”

CD1 is a collection of choice cuts, spanning the duo’s eight year career, including previously unheard exclusives. CD2 is a 40-track continuous mix, compiled and mixed by the pair. The album will be out on December 16 via Southern Fried. The album art and tracklist are below.

From Then Until Now CD1:
1. Crookers: Atomic Baile Boy
2. Crookers: Il Brutto
3. Don Rimini: Let Me Back Up (Crookers Tetsujin Remix)
4. Adam Sky vs Mark Stewart: We Are All Prostitutes (Crookers Remix)
5. Crookers: Big Money Comin’
6. Crookers: Knobbers
7. The Chemical Brothers: The Salmon Dance (Crookers Wow Remix)
8. Crookers: Sveglia
9. Dusty Kid: The Cat (Crookers Remix)
10. Kid Cudi vs Crookers: Day ‘N’ Nite
11. Proxy: Raven (Crookers Remix)
12. Crookers: We Love Animals (Feat. Soulwax & Mixhell)
13. Crookers: Bust ‘Em Up (Feat. Savage Skulls)
14. Crookers: Dr Gonzo’s Anthem (Feat. Carli)
15. Wafa: Abandon Me (Crookers Remix)
16. Crookers: Belladog



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