Praveen Sharma is back with his first album under his own name since 2005.

Sharma’s got his fingers plunged in a bunch of different pies. Recording solo as Braille, he’s turned out house-inflected releases for Rush Hour and, latterly, Scuba’s Hotflush imprint. He’s enjoyed a raised profile as one-half of Sepalcure, the Machinedrum-assisted double act behind last year’s successful Sepalcure LP. He’s been working regularly with Kranky-approved singer-songwriter Benoît Pioulard as Praveen & Benoît, producing lush, digitally-enhanced indie. If that’s not enough, he’s also principal curator of the great electronic music webspot Percussion Lab.

As XLR8R report, Sharma has just dropped a new LP under his own name. 12 Lights has already had a release of sorts, appearing exclusively on earlier this year. The “unashamedly emotive and melancholic” set features thirteen heartfelt pieces, a good tranche of which feature vocals from Pioulard. A snippet of bucolic album track ‘At A Loss’ is available below

12 Lights is available now via Brooklyn’s Supermartyr.

1. 12 Lights
2. In The Morning (Ft. Benoît Pioulard)
3. At A Loss (Ft. Benoît Pioulard)
4. Bottle Prince
5. Trapped (Ft. Benoît Pioulard)
6. Chime, Chimera (Ft. Benoît Pioulard)
7. Darling
8. Just Choose
9. King (Ft. Benoît Pioulard)
10. Sincere (Ft. Sougwen Chung)
11. Ride Home
12. Knives & Forks
13. Untitled (Ft. Benoît Pioulard)



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