Desire returns with ‘Tears From Heaven,’ which will appear on Italians Do It Better’s upcoming sequel compilation.

Desire is perhaps best known for ‘Under Your Spell,’ off their 2009 debut II and popularized by last year’s Drive soundtrack. The band is comprised of Italians Do It Better co-founder Johnny Jewel, singer Megan Louise, and the Chromatics’ Nat Walker on drums.

‘Tears From Heaven’ is pure Desire: a Casio melody and throwback synth-pop rhythm as the tableau for Louise’s breathy vocals. Directed by frequent Italians Do It Better collaborator Alberto Rossini, the video is a collection of lo-fi clips, chiefly of ballet practice and some Super 8 footage of Louise.

After Dark 2 is due out soon. Jewel recently shared a remastered version of After Dark in anticipation.



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