Sleigh Bells prep new album for 2013 release

The Brooklyn noise-pop duo readies the follow-up to Reign of Terror.

As they wrap up their skateboarding injury-shortened tour with MPC king Araabmuzik, the noisy agitators are wasting no time on their follow-up to this year’s Reign of Terror. In an interview with the Huffington Post (via CoS), the band says their as-yet-untitled third album will drop next year.

Singer Alexis Krauss says that the duo can record and release albums quicker than other acts because they’re not a “conventional band.” Guitarist Derek Miller adds, “Bands are complex units with four of five guys or girls, and everyone needs to agree. Alexis and I get along and we’re electric so we don’t need a practice space… we can just work on this or that.”

After the arena-sized metal riffs of Reign of Terror, Miller says the new album is a bit of a departure: “Sonically, it’s a lot more clean…it might sound surprising.” He also says that the album is the first true collaboration for the duo, after two albums that found him doing the bulk of the writing and production: “I’m not spread quite as thin this time. She’s doing most of the heavy lifting on this.” Krauss says she will use her voice in a more “traditional way” this time around.

While there isn’t a release date yet, the band has three songs done. After releasing a pair of 11-track albums, neither clocking in at much more than a half an hour, that date might not be far off.



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