Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter's <em>Trax On Da Rocks</em> EP reissued

Roule re-presses Bangalter’s exquisite 1995 solo effort.

Trax On Da Rocks is a French house classic: five tracks of sublime dance floor concoctions from the Daft Punk auteur. From the syrupy electro-disco of the title track, to the jump-up techno of ‘Roule Boule,’ to the filter fest that is ‘Ventura,’ Trax On Da Rocks is Bangalter at his finest.

Stream the jacking ‘Outrun’ below, check out the tracklist, and cop this essential re-release at fine retailers like our friends at Phonica.

The follow-up to this classic EP figures heavily into one of Bugged Out’s best moments. Bangalter recently composed an “ominous score” for Lindsay Lohan’s short film First Point, which is a bit less notable than his score for Irreversible or Daft Punk’s effort for Tron: Legacy.

On Da Rocks
Roulé Boulé
What To Do



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