Trent Reznor confirms new Nine Inch Nails music, possible live performances

With How to destroy angels_ on the front burner, Reznor opens up about plans for his most famous project.

Reznor disbanded his longtime band in 2009 after a 20th anniversary farewell tour. Since then, he has remained productive: scoring The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, writing music for video games, planning projects with Beats by Dre, and, as of late, working with his new band.

In addition to all that, Reznor reveals in an interview with Rolling Stone that “all signs point to yes” regarding new Nine Inch Nails material. “Yeah, there will be new music. There are some things in the works.”

Reznor is open to performing live as NIN, as well. “Yeah, if it feels right, it’s a possibility,” he says. “I never said that that wasn’t going to happen, just that it couldn’t go on as it was. Having a few years doing other things, I’ve enjoyed [them] and I’m enjoying doing How to Destroy Angels, and there will be a place for stuff that falls in the Nine Inch Nails column of things. It’s a different kind of work.”

As for How to destroy angels_, Reznor says the group’s album has benefitted from finding “cohesion:” “I just listened to [HTDA’s debut EP] a few weeks ago for the first time in quite a while. Not to pat my own back, but it sounded better than I remembered it sounding . . . What we’ve done since then is we’ve really been working on this record in the background, behind Social Network and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. We’ve found a cohesion that’s not as easily identifiable as the things that made it. It feels like we understand more about what this project is that separates it from various other things that we’re up to.”



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